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The Widdershins are back!

Posted on February 4, 2021, tagged as A Pinch of Magic, A Tangle of Spells, The Widdershins

A Tangle of Spells is OUT NOW! The Widdershins are back in their third adventure, and this time it’s a story of secret rooms, spells and of course, SISTERS. Betty, Fliss and Charlie are finally moving away from gloomy Crowstone to the pretty village of Pendlewick: a place of cosy tea rooms, golden meadows and postcard perfect cottages. But is the village really as perfect as it seems? When they stumble upon a hidden room in their new home the three sisters are catapulted into danger as one of them becomes dangerously bewitched.

Can the sisters use their own pinch of magic to overcome the evil spell that holds Pendlewick in its grip? Or have they met their match this time?

Wowsers – this book was a struggle to write during the lockdown! My son Jack was only at school for about eight weeks over the entire year, and my deadlines kept getting extended, and extended and I was missing them all. The book finally got finished and went to print in December, which is crazily late in the publishing world, but the fantastic team at Simon & Schuster somehow made it happen. As for the story itself, I think it’s possibly my favourite of the three and the witchiest one yet.

Sadly events are on hold right now for obvious reasons. It feels really strange not to have school events and bookshop signings lined up as I normally would, but I hope that the next few months will look brighter and that I might be able to get out and about and meet some of you. With book shops currently closed you might not be able to buy the book as you would normally, but don’t worry, there are plenty of options. Many book shops (such as Chicken and Frog, my favourite independent book shop in Brentwood) are still taking orders over the phone or online and will post books out to customers. I’m delighted to say that Tesco and Sainsbury are both stocking A Tangle of Spells, so look out for them there, too. And finally, Waterstones are stocking these gorgeous exclusive editions with green sprayed edges for those of you who like your books a little fancier, and which you can order here.

Support independent book stores by ordering with Hive.

Order from Amazon.

Please do also check your local library for copies. Even if your library is closed there may be an app you can use to borrow ebooks (such as BorrowBox). Don’t be afraid to ask if it’s not there – librarians can often order books in for you.

Enjoy the adventure, everyone!


8 comments on “The Widdershins are back!”

  • BG says:

    Will there be another?!
    I absolutely loved this book! (even though I read it before a sprinkle of sorcery haha) you are my all time favourite author!

  • Demetra says:

    Hi I am Demetra Georgiou and I am 8,5 years old. I read the three books over the summer and I enjoyed it so much! I can’t wait for the fourth book to come out!

    • mm Michelle says:

      Hello Demetra, I’m so glad you enjoyed the books, thanks for being on Team Widdershins! The next adventure is very close to being finished!

      • Demetra says:

        Oh that’s great to hear! Thank you for responding. I live in Cyprus but if I were in the UK I would have loved to have gone to your book events. Looking forward to reading book 4.

        • mm Michelle says:

          Thank you! I’ve never been to Cyprus but I’d like to visit. I love Greece and have been to several islands and the mainland. My mum and dad lived in Crete for a while, and my aunt and uncle still live there. Hopefully one day I can do some signings in Greece…

          • Demetra says:

            Cyprus is a wonderful island! I hope you can visit here soon. I have read all three books in English but I plan to also read them Greek! It is also nice to see that your books are translated in other languages. My parents would like me to read more Greek books but I find it difficult to find books I like in Greek.

          • mm Michelle says:

            I hope so, too! It’s lovely that you’ve read the books in English – wow. Very impressive. Maybe there’s a librarian you can ask for book recommendations?

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