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Art Competition ~ Results

Posted on June 1, 2020, tagged as A Pinch of Magic, A Sprinkle of Sorcery, Art, Competition results, Widdershins, competitions

I’m very excited to reveal the winners and runners up of the recent art competition. The challenge was to draw a character from the Widdershins books – a challenge you rose to admirably! I loved seeing your art work and thought there was something special and unique about each and every entry. It was very difficult to choose winners as the standard was so high, and many factors such as age, ability, imagination, and interpretation of the character all had to be considered carefully. So without further ado, here are the results.

In the age 8-10 category:

WINNER: Phoebe Aldridge, 10

I love this beautiful drawing of Fliss. The short, flicky hair and flirty wink capture her perfectly! Congratulations, Phoebe!

*** I chose two runners up in this category, as it had the most entries.***

RUNNER UP: Sheeryn Tan, 10

This excellent drawing of Oi has such a grumpy expression!


RUNNER UP: Charlotte Vine, 9

I adore this picture of Charlie and her pets, especially her gappy teeth, the plaster (where Oi has scratched her, presumably) and Oi’s fangs! Bravo, Charlotte.


In the age 11-13 category:

WINNER: Rebecca Frank, 11

This wonderful drawing of Granny has so much thoughtful detail: the nesting dolls on the apron, the whiskey and of course, Bunny’s pipe! Well done, Rebecca.


RUNNER UP: Anya MacDonald, 11

These colourful drawings of Granny, Willow and Charlie have so much fun and detail. Brilliant work, Anya!


In the 14-16 age category:

WINNER: Sam Byrne, 14

WOW! This incredible piece of art took my breath away. How perfectly the characters and mood are conveyed. I am SO impressed, Sam!

RUNNER UP: Daisy Annandale, 16

There is so much detail in this thoughtfully composed painting of Betty. I love the inclusion of the crows, the ominous blood moon and Sorsha at the tower window. Great work, Daisy!


Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I’m sorry you can’t all be winners, but please know that I thought all your entries were very good indeed. I’m currently working my way through the writing competition entries, which will take a little longer to read and judge, so please bear with me! Results for that will be up as soon as possible, and I will also contact winners and runners up separately for both competitions.

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