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A Pinch of Magic: Book Trailer

Posted on November 16, 2018, tagged as A Pinch of Magic, Book trailer, Cover, Reviews

The clever folks at my publisher, Simon & Schuster UK Ltd have made this beautiful book trailer for A Pinch of Magic . . . check out that music, it’s pure magic!

Having now seen a mock up of the finished cover, with gold foil and emboss, I cannot WAIT for the finished book to hit the shelves in February so everyone can see just how gorgeous it is. I have this cover proof propped on the shelf next to me as I work and I can’t help but repeatedly glancing at it.

And that’s not all. Pinch has been garnering astounding early praise from authors, teachers, reviewers and booksellers alike. Here’s what some of them had to say:

‘BRILLIANT’Emma Carroll

‘A mesmerising magical quest with freedom and sisterly love at its heart.’The Bookseller

‘An enchanting story’The Bookbag

‘The story everyone will be wanting to read in 2019’The Reader Teacher

‘Stupendous, dark and enticing . . . perhaps her best yet.’Susan Chambers, Waterstones bookseller


4 comments on “A Pinch of Magic: Book Trailer”

  • Kelly Johnson says:

    Hello Michelle
    I recently won 10 copies of your book A Pinch of Magic to help launch my new book group in my school library. The group are very much enjoying reading the book (as am I!) and I wondered if there was the possibility of skyping (or similar) with you when we have finished reading, as I am sure they like to chat with you in person and would have some questions they would like to ask. Many thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    • mm Michelle says:

      Hi Kelly
      Thanks for your message and sorry for the delay in replying – World Book Day week has been hectic! I’m going to send you an email about school/Skype visits.

  • Sam byrne says:

    Hi Michelle
    I was at Waterstones buying some books with a voucher and as I walked up the stairs I saw a huge pile of these books and I thought they looked quite enchanting but I waited. Eventually I picked out a book and bought it I had some money left so I bought a pinch of magic. I started reading it that weekend and I was so enticed in it I finished it that day it is one of my absolute favourite books ever. I recently recommended it to my sister and she keeps asking questions about Colton and the objects and sorsha but I can’t tell her. I love the book so much that I’m going to make the objects I’m starting on the mirror (which is my favourite). Thank you for making this stupendous book.

    • mm Michelle says:

      Hi Sam
      I’m so glad you enjoyed A Pinch of Magic, and I hope your sister will, too. Thanks for reading, and look out for the sequel next year!

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