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WIN: The Other Alice charm bracelet, signed book & more

Posted on August 14, 2016, tagged as The other Alice, competitions



This is a writing competition for readers aged 9-24 in connection with my most recent novel, The Other Alice.

Alice is a gifted young writer who has been told by her traveller father, also a writer, that she must finish every story she begins. When she is unable to finish a story, she finds that her characters step off the page and into the real world.

Writing comp1

To enter, writers must complete the story Alice has begun, with their section not exceeding 350 words.

Entrants will be judged and winners chosen in four age categories: 9-11, 12-14, 15-18, and 19-24.

The prize:

-Signed dedicated copy of The Other Alice, plus bookmark

-A custom made charm bracelet based on The Other Alice

-A set of four paper cuttings, designed and created from original art work of Michelle’s


To enter, continue and complete the following story:

Special Delivery

The parcel felt heavier than it should have.
Amelia’s face was hot as she stepped out of the sun and into the Post Office. She wandered past the sweets and newspapers to the back. Typical. There would be a queue. Today of all days, when she was in such a rush to get rid of the package in her possession.
She joined the queue, willing it to move faster, but its snail’s pace was maddening. She tried not to think about the contents of the package but it weighed heavily on her mind the same way the parcel did in her arms. Why couldn’t she stop sweating? Sure, it was August and blazing heat outside, but in here it was air-conditioned. She should’ve been chilly.
When it was finally her turn she placed the parcel on the weighing scales. The moment it left her hands, she felt lighter, and she couldn’t help but grin at the man behind the counter. But it froze on her lips when he asked, ‘For safety reasons, can you tell me what’s inside?’
She stared at him, dumbstruck. She hadn’t known they would ask this, and so she wasn’t sure how to answer it. Taking a deep breath, her mind flitted between truth and lies . . . but which should she choose?


Email your entry to, no later than midnight (UK time) on September 25th 2016. Remember to include your full name, age and address, and please paste the story into the email – do not send attachments.

*Stories may be in any genre (mystery, crime, horror, romance, etc.)

*You may change the title of the story and character if you wish

Things to consider:

What is inside the package? Why is Amelia so nervous?

Is it Amelia’s package, or is she posting it for someone else? Does she know what’s inside?

Does she tell the truth, or lie?

What happens next?

Writing comp3


*Open worldwide to readers aged 9-24, however entries must be written in English

*Open to unpublished writers only

*No feedback on entries, other than winners/runners up will be given due to time constraints

*Winners’ work will be displayed on

*Your section of the story must be no longer than 350 words. Entries longer than this will be disqualified

*Winners will be notified by email as soon as possible after the closing date

*Entries will be read and judged by Michelle – this may take some time, so please be patient!

IMPORTANT: The charm bracelet is costume jewellery, ie. not real silver. If you have had allergic reactions to costume jewellery in the past, you are advised not to wear it.



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