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ONE WISH ~ US Cover Reveal & Competition

Posted on March 24, 2015, tagged as Little Brown & Company, One Wish, competitions

I’m very excited and proud to unveil the cover art for the US edition of One Wish, which will be published by Little, Brown & Company in hardback in March 2016. I think it’s stunning!


I also received advanced reading copies (ARCS) this week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with ARCS, these are special review editions which are not for sale. They are printed in advance of the finished book and sent out to booksellers, librarians and reviewers ahead of publication to create a buzz before the book is released. I am offering ONE of my copies as a prize to one reader in the US who leaves the best comment below. As you can appreciate, these are rare editions – and so a must have for Thirteen Treasures fans. The comment can be whatever you want: your thoughts on the cover, your ‘one wish’, or perhaps even a little rhyme or poem. The more creative the better!


The closing date is midnight May 1st, 2015.

NOTE: All are welcome to comment but this competition is for US readers only. Please indicate in your comment where in the USA you live, otherwise you will not be entered.


The winner of this competition is Kayley Simac, who created this beautiful wishing tree of her own. Well done, Kayley, and thanks to everyone else who entered.


13 comments on “ONE WISH ~ US Cover Reveal & Competition”

  • Richard Denney says:

    Hi, Michelle!

    I am a huge fan of the Thirteen Treasures trilogy and haven’t gotten to read One Wish yet since I live in the US but I cannot wait to read it. Your trilogy has become one of my favorites of all time and I own multiple editions of the UK and US editions. I love the world you created and it remains a gem in my mind. I love the new covers and think this one would be a great addition to my Thirteen collection. Best to your writing and hope to see a YA version of Tanya’s adventures sometime in the future. It needs to happen!!! 🙂

  • Natalie says:

    There’s a chance to read it early? Well then *comments* I’m from the US! 😀

  • Linda Quezada says:

    I have the trilogy, all in hardcover…can’t wait to have One Wish also in hardcover, i’m from El Mirage, Arizona

  • Monica says:

    Yes me please me!!!! From Arizona, USA

  • Monica says:

    So I fell in love with Michelle’s books a while back. We went to visit my husband’s 50 year anniversary in UTAH and while at tye airport on our way back I needed to go find a book that would keep me occupied. I stumbled on 13 treasures and I fell in love with the cover plus the fact that I love fairies and love adventure and just magic. After that I was hooked and purchased all her books and have read them many times.
    I love how I can transform my world and be in a safe place where only I and the book characters are part of it. I have been waiting for this book to become available for quite sometime now and I would love to have the opportunity to get the special edition. What an honor!!! Well that’s my story …. from Arizona, USA

  • Kayley Simac says:

    Your books inspired my love of reading and faery lore. I was inspired by your book to create my own wishing tree using my friends and family’s wishes and creating my own wishing tree. It was so much fun creating this. I couldn’t get the pictures the post on the comment so I’m going to email them to you.
    Happy Wishes!
    I’m From Tennessee, U.S.A.

    • mm Michelle says:

      Thanks Kayley – you are my winner! I was so excited straight away when I saw your photo, it’s a lovely idea. I look forward to sending your prize.

  • Renee says:

    (Sorry if this appears twice the first time I commented it sent an error message and I had to re enter it)
    One wish I grant to you
    Said the woman behind the screen
    One chance to make it
    Now grab it hold on tight
    This wish will not come easily
    For many want it too
    But if your mind and heart are set on this
    To you the wish will go.
    Now remember this and don’t forget
    One wish
    Is all you get

    My wish is to read this book.
    This book series has given me so much inspiration. I have always loved reading but this really sparked my mind for writing. I began writing a book a whole back that was actually partially inspired by the thirteen treasures. I have always enjoyed reading but this series is so unique. It tells of fairies in a different view and I’ve always loved dark twists. Most people, the minute they hear that there is a fairy in a book they assume “childish” but your book exceeds that. I love the relationship between Tanya and Fabian due to the almost frenemy thing going on (and I completely ship them… And I also ship Rowan and sparrow)
    Also my fourteenth birthday is coming back (May 11 woo)
    Anyways think you for reading this comment and I would love to read your book (although one will obviously be more interesting than the other)

    (Ps I live in Indiana :))

  • Xaveria Mayerhofer says:

    I first read your books many years ago, before the series was even complete. Your characters created haunting figures that stayed inside my head for quite a while after I finished the book, which has prompted many a re-read. Though I had always loved faeries and folklore, your retellings and version of the story sparked a new interest in the darker side of faeries and showed how much depth could be added to characters, plot, and a book as a whole. You are one of the authors that has shaped the way I strive to write, so thank you.

  • misty rowe says:

    I love your books I have the trilogy in hard back and treasure them …. My one wish is to find a cure for auto immune disorders in the mean time I am a book worm!

  • Shannon Gifford says:

    A wish? A wish!
    If granted a wish-
    what would I ask?
    Picking is such a task
    With all I could ask for
    Yet only one wish!
    Can I have more?
    Two or three or four?
    Sadly, no, there’s only one
    and once its made
    It can’t be undone.
    So I must be careful
    on what I pick
    and avoid any mischief-
    these faeries are terribly slick.

    -Washington State, USA

  • Grace says:

    Hi Michelle, its me grace, on my last comment I spelt Turpins name wrong [sorry if I did it again!]
    I know your competition is over I just wanted to say that the new cover is beautiful!! I drew a picture of Tanya and ratty at the tree a while back but I never got around to sending it to you sorry:(anyways the new cover looks amazing it looks so magical and pretty I can’t wait for it to come out![love your books]

    • mm Michelle says:

      Hi Grace, you spelt it right this time (but I still wish I’d noticed the ‘turnip’ anagram when I was writing the book, I would have had some fun with that! I’d love to see your drawing if you’d like to email it to me?

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