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New Beginnings

Posted on October 1, 2014, tagged as competitions, news

Welcome to my new-look website which, as many of you will know, I’ve been promising for sometime now. It’s been awhile since I updated with any news, for various reasons (one in particular, but I’ll get to that) . . .  

There have been some changes around here. Not only is this website now more streamlined and easier to navigate, but I’ve decided not to continue with a couple of features: the newsletter and the comments page. I know the latter was popular with many of you as a preferred means of contact, so I hope you won’t be too disappointed. You can still email me through the contact page – I promise I do read and appreciate every message, even if I’m not always able to reply.  

In the past year I became a mother for the first time to a gorgeous little boy named Jack, who is the reason for the above changes. As I am now caring for him full-time, as well as balancing work and running a household, my priority where work is concerned is to get my next book written. So this means less time for everything else. Therefore the blog will take the place of the newsletter and comments page; any news, cover reveals, competitions, general musings, and even the odd story will be found here, and you can leave comments on individual pieces. If you have any suggestions for blog pieces then you’re welcome to share them, and I’ll try to accommodate if an idea takes my fancy.  

My latest book, ONE WISH, is out now in the UK, and is planned for release in the USA in Autumn 2015. To celebrate its release and the launch of the new website, I’m offering three copies to be won. To enter leave a comment below telling me what your ‘one wish’ would be. Closing date midnight October 31st, 2014. One entry per person, open worldwide.

12 comments on “New Beginnings”

  • Martha says:

    I have read 13 treasures and am on 13 curses. I am really enjoying it. I also love your new-look website. I read the comments and would definitely buy tickets if you brought out a 13 treasures film!

  • Sarah says:

    If I had one wish, I would wish that I could speak to animals. I know it seems kind of lame, but I’ve always wanted to know what they are saying. It would be almost as cool as having the second sight!

  • Luna's Little Library says:

    I wish I could take my mum out to dinner and talk to her as a grown-up. Hopefully she thinks I turned out ok 🙂

  • Evelyn says:

    My one wish would be to have world peace, with no conflicts.

  • Grace says:

    My one wish would be to have a fairy best friend like ratty and turnip in your book ‘one wish’.

    • mm michelle says:

      Great wish! (You’re out of time for the comp though, it closed on 31 October.) I think you mean Turpin rather than Turnip – I wish I’d noticed this anagram when I was writing the book, it could have been fun to have someone mix up her name. I think she’d have been quite cross!

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I was in the school library when my eye caught 13 Treasures. I just started 13 Curses but what a book! I haven’t read a good series like this in a very long time. I just want you to know that your books are just great I love the way you write so much! I’m so excited for ‘One Wish’!

  • Karrie says:

    I wished I knew about your offer earlier, but I can’t wait until next fall for one wish to come out in the US!

  • Kate says:

    I absolutely love your books. I have bought & read them all, and have recommended them to every friend that will listen! I really want to be an author when I’m older, and hope I’ll be as popular as you are.

  • Abby Muir says:

    Wow this series is amazing one of the best i have ever heard. I got very confused though when I read the 13 Treasures as I thought I had missed out One Wish so the n read that before realising that it was the prequel, Ooooppppppsss!!!!!!

  • Tamme says:

    Please put Thirteen trilogy in audio format. Would be a great travel set!

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