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The Widdershins’ fourth adventure is available now – I can’t wait for you to discover the mysteries of Wilderness, which is the frosty setting for the sisters’ latest tale. This is a story of a haunted hall, a highwayman and his secret love, and a stolen crystal ball said to be at the bottom of a frozen lake. At the heart of it, as always, there is a story within a story! I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it.

The book is available now from all good book shops and you can of course order online, links below:


Waterstones (plain white edges)

Waterstones (exclusive sprayed blue edges edition)

Hive (to support your local independent book store)

The Book Depository (free shipping worldwide – best if ordering from abroad)


If you’re a library user you may also be able to listen to A Storm of Sisters completely FREE by using the BorrowBox library app – all four Pinch of Magic Adventures are available there as audiobooks, and the first three are available as ebooks, too.

Want to know more about the Widdershins and how I write? Check out this brand new interview with me over at Golden Books Girl blog.

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who pre-ordered the book, and to those of you who entered the competition to win the Storm of Sisters mini book necklaces made by FromNewLeaf. The winners have now been drawn and contacted, they were:

Charlotte Clark, Rebecca Collison and Nicola Gregory.


With under two months until the next Pinch of Magic Adventure, A Storm of Sisters, is published on 3rd February 2022, I’ve got a special competition for Widdershins fans. You can enter a prize draw to win one of three beautiful miniature book necklaces which I’ve had made by From New Leaf. 

These necklaces are an exact replica of the entire cover (front, back and spine) of A Storm of Sisters, and would be a wonderful trinket for any fan of the Widdershins sisters. They are even presented on a cute little library card! I absolutely love them and have one of A Pinch of Magic which I often wear to book events.

To enter the prize draw, you must pre-order a copy of the book and then simply send a screen shot of your pre-order to me via email (mh[at] or you can ask a parent to send it via social media (Twitter: @MHarrison13, or Instagram: @Elvesden). I’ll pick three winners on February 3rd 2022 (publication day). Your pre-order can be from ANY retailer, but if you want the special edition with sprayed blue edges, that’s only available from Waterstones.

You might be thinking, why are pre-orders important to authors? If I’m going to buy the book anyway, why do I need to pre-order? Well, pre-orders really matter because they can help retailers pay more attention to a book. If lots of customers pre-order it, it puts that book on a shop’s radar and they are more likely to increase their order. A bigger order means more copies in store when the book is published, which are then likely to be displayed prominently and therefore seen by more customers. Hurrah!


















The Widdershins sisters are back in their fourth frosty adventure, A Storm of Sisters. The beautiful cover is illustrated by Melissa Castrillón and it will be published in the UK on February 2022.

Here’s the blurb:

When the Widdershins sisters and Granny are called away in deepest winter to look after cousin Clarissa, it doesn’t take long for adventure – or trouble – to find them. Far away Wilderness has plenty to explore with its frozen lake and winter market, as well as the ghostly legend of a doomed highwayman and his servant sweetheart.

But the haunting tale is closer than the girls know, and seeing a phantom figure one night, the girls fear that Granny is in terrible danger. As an icy storm rages, the sisters must summon all their bravery to save a life…


Waterstones will be stocking an exclusive special edition with blue sprayed edges, you can pre-order your copy here. Be quick – once they’re gone, they’re gone!


You can also pre-order from:


Waterstones (unsprayed edges)



A Tangle of Spells is OUT NOW! The Widdershins are back in their third adventure, and this time it’s a story of secret rooms, spells and of course, SISTERS. Betty, Fliss and Charlie are finally moving away from gloomy Crowstone to the pretty village of Pendlewick: a place of cosy tea rooms, golden meadows and postcard perfect cottages. But is the village really as perfect as it seems? When they stumble upon a hidden room in their new home the three sisters are catapulted into danger as one of them becomes dangerously bewitched.

Can the sisters use their own pinch of magic to overcome the evil spell that holds Pendlewick in its grip? Or have they met their match this time?

Wowsers – this book was a struggle to write during the lockdown! My son Jack was only at school for about eight weeks over the entire year, and my deadlines kept getting extended, and extended and I was missing them all. The book finally got finished and went to print in December, which is crazily late in the publishing world, but the fantastic team at Simon & Schuster somehow made it happen. As for the story itself, I think it’s possibly my favourite of the three and the witchiest one yet.

Sadly events are on hold right now for obvious reasons. It feels really strange not to have school events and bookshop signings lined up as I normally would, but I hope that the next few months will look brighter and that I might be able to get out and about and meet some of you. With book shops currently closed you might not be able to buy the book as you would normally, but don’t worry, there are plenty of options. Many book shops (such as Chicken and Frog, my favourite independent book shop in Brentwood) are still taking orders over the phone or online and will post books out to customers. I’m delighted to say that Tesco and Sainsbury are both stocking A Tangle of Spells, so look out for them there, too. And finally, Waterstones are stocking these gorgeous exclusive editions with green sprayed edges for those of you who like your books a little fancier, and which you can order here.

Support independent book stores by ordering with Hive.

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Please do also check your local library for copies. Even if your library is closed there may be an app you can use to borrow ebooks (such as BorrowBox). Don’t be afraid to ask if it’s not there – librarians can often order books in for you.

Enjoy the adventure, everyone!