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Young Adult

Seventeen-year-old Elliott hasn’t slept properly for months. Ever since the accident that nearly killed him, a shadowy figure has made its presence felt – a figure only he can see. Elliott is convinced his near death experience has enabled him to contact the dead. But are his ghostly visions real, or the effects of a damaged mind?

When he gets a job at a supposedly haunted museum it seems like the perfect chance to discover what’s really going on. But his arrival doesn’t just cause a stir amongst the living. Unwittingly, Elliott uncovers the museum’s terrible secret . . . and a spirit hell-bent on using him for revenge.

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Reviews of Unrest

‘It takes great skill to create an atmosphere that creeps off the page into your veins. Harrison’s subtlety and eye for detail lift this above any other spookfest.’

The Independent

‘Spooky, gripping and intriguing. I really enjoyed it.’

Sophie McKenzie (author of GIRL, MISSING)

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Unrest Brazilian edition – Bertrand Brasil Original UK edition (2012) Unrest German edition – Loewe Verlag