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The Thirteen Curses

Middle Grade

The fairies stole her brother . . .

. . . and now Red is trapped. In the dangerous fairy realm, she strikes a bargain. Her brother will be returned, but only if she can complete a perilous magical quest in the human world. If she fails, she will lose him – and her own freedom – for ever.

With the help of Tanya and Fabian, Red’s desperate task begins – but a shocking discovery turns it into a race against time.

And even if the friends succeed, will the fairies keep their promise?

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Reviews of The Thirteen Curses

‘A charming and inventive tale’

The Times

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13 Curses UK edition 2014 13 Curses Greek edition – Livanis 13 Curses Indonesian edition – Zahra 13 Curses US edition – Little, Brown 13 Curses Hebrew edition – Modan 13 Curses Finnish edition – Tammi 13 Curses German edition – Loewe Verlag 13 Curses UK original edition – Simon & Schuster