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Michelle Harrison Michelle Harrison

With under two months until the next Pinch of Magic Adventure, A Storm of Sisters, is published on 3rd February 2022, I’ve got a special competition for Widdershins fans. You can enter a prize draw to win one of three beautiful miniature book necklaces which I’ve had made by From New Leaf. 

These necklaces are an exact replica of the entire cover (front, back and spine) of A Storm of Sisters, and would be a wonderful trinket for any fan of the Widdershins sisters. They are even presented on a cute little library card! I absolutely love them and have one of A Pinch of Magic which I often wear to book events.

To enter the prize draw, you must pre-order a copy of the book and then simply send a screen shot of your pre-order to me via email (mh[at] or you can ask a parent to send it via social media (Twitter: @MHarrison13, or Instagram: @Elvesden). I’ll pick three winners on February 3rd 2022 (publication day). Your pre-order can be from ANY retailer, but if you want the special edition with sprayed blue edges, that’s only available from Waterstones.

You might be thinking, why are pre-orders important to authors? If I’m going to buy the book anyway, why do I need to pre-order? Well, pre-orders really matter because they can help retailers pay more attention to a book. If lots of customers pre-order it, it puts that book on a shop’s radar and they are more likely to increase their order. A bigger order means more copies in store when the book is published, which are then likely to be displayed prominently and therefore seen by more customers. Hurrah!