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Here is the beautiful new cover for Mirror Mischief, the second book in the Midnight Magic series for young readers. Illustrated by Elissa Elwick and published by Little Tiger UK, Midnight and Trixie’s second adventure will be flying by broomstick into bookstores on September 30th!

Who says that two magical cats are better than one?

When Trixie is at school one day, Midnight gets up to some mischief with the bathroom mirror and brings her reflection to life! The mirror-Midnight causes all sorts of chaos – safely on the other side of the glass. That is, until Twiggy the broomstick accidentally smashes the mirror, setting the destructive double free!

As Trixie, Dad and Nan get tangled up in the turmoil, can they work together and send the badly behaved magical cat back to where it came from before it’s too late?


Meet Midnight, Trixie and Twiggy the broom in my new book for younger readers, which is out now. Midnight Magic is the first in a series for readers of 6+, with two more on the way. Written in rhyming verse and illustrated throughout by Elissa Elwick, this is the story of a little black kitten with magical powers.

When she meets fun-loving Trixie, sparks fly. Moonlit broomstick rides, fairytales coming to life and flying carpets are just the start of their adventures . . . but what will Trixie’s family make of their new pet’s taste for mischief, and will she still have a home?

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I’m delighted to announce some lovely news. Stripes Publishing, part of the Little Tiger group, has bought three books from me in a new series called Midnight Magic. I’m hugely excited as it contains so many of the things I love: a black cat called Midnight! Magic! Rhyming text! A flying broomstick named Twiggy! The first two books will publish in 2020. Here is the full press release:

Stripes Publishing, an imprint of the Little Tiger Group, has acquired a magical rhyming series, purrfect for young readers, by Michelle Harrison, author of the Waterstones’ Children’s Prize winning Thirteen Treasures. Commissioning Editor Katie Jennings bought world rights to Midnight Magic and two further books in the series from Julia Churchill at A.M. Heath.

Jennings said:
“From the very first verse, we were utterly charmed by Michelle’s classic feline tale, which overspills with imagination, warmth and humour. In Midnight, she conjures up a black cat with a difference. Midnight may have magical power in her paws, but she is very much a real cat! We are just so excited to be publishing Midnight’s adventures with Twiggy the broom, and can’t wait to bring Michelle Harrison’s spellbinding storytelling to a whole host of younger fans.”

In the middle of winter, three kittens are born in a barn. Two are ordinary, but the third, jet black and born on the stroke of midnight, is brimming with magic from whiskers to tail ‒ even sparking life into a dusty old broomstick! While her siblings pounce at rats, Midnight is busy perfecting her flying skills on the broom. But when things begin to get hot under the collar, she sets out with only loyal broom Twiggy at her side. Will they find a new family, or will Midnight’s magic cause mischief?

Harrison said:
“I’ve been bewitched by black cats ever since reading the Gobbolino stories as a child. My own cats are certainly mischievous but lack the charm of Midnight – who wouldn’t dream of drinking out of the toilet! I couldn’t be happier that Midnight has found her forever home with a suitably feline publisher, and I’m thrilled to be working with such an imaginative and enthusiastic team at Stripes.”

A young rhyming series for readers age 6 and up, MIDNIGHT MAGIC is perfect for fans of SQUISHY MCFLUFF, with a sprinkle of GOBBOLINO. Michelle’s writing is hugely visual and musical, combining to make a modern classic, hugely appealing and instantly collectable series.